The Beach Wedding & Reception at Copacabana beach

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The Beach Wedding & Reception at Copacabana beach

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dubrovnik wedding plannerI was thinking a lot on how could I describe this amazing place…I should not complicate, nor aesthetically upgrade  something that does not need that, as the venue speaks for itself..

You see, a venue is not simply a venue for me..   I tend to look beyond that..  always looking for potential, a vision, an idea.. The people who work there, are not only employees, but most of them , being local, are my personal friends and dear colleagues,  who tend to go and work beyond the simple frame of being just another venue.
So when you combine the two, amazing venue + great people, you get = magical work!

Copacabana beach is a place where I tend to go on my  free time for swimming and relaxing.. and when looking for peace and quiet time, at the beach bed, with a cocktail in my hand located at the more private area of the beach, you are getting a view of a sunset…a  sunset like no other in Dubrovnik..

The family Sentic,  who are behind the story of Copacabana, are the most welcome hosts you shall meet and  you can see that this place is their second home.
The love that was given in creating every single detail.. combining the beach and art details and the urge of being in trend with newest beach facilities that provide comfort, tells you that their main goal  is for everyone to be able to enjoy and relax.

My favourite part of the place, is the restaurant at the old summer house. The house was used for the noble family to come and relax during the hot summer nights in Dubrovnik.
The side porch , as I like to call it, has the naturally grown grape yard, a shaded, green area…where it is never too hot ,as the sea breeze is always present. Mediterranean herbs which are planted around the house , rosemary, lavender, olives are  visually adding  to the greatness of this venue, plus.. you know that you are getting some homegrown spices within the food they serve.

dubrovnik wedding planner

The best way to describe it.. Are you familiar with that rustic, yet elegant feel ? this is what I and our couples, Vikki & Richard + Katie & Daniel,  have found here.

dubrovnik wedding planner

dubrovnik wedding planner

dubrovnik wedding planner
dubrovnik wedding planner

dubrovnik wedding planner

Might seem like a long way from the old town of Dubrovnik, but being only 15 minute car or a bus ride from it, Copacabana can be reached by mini vans and what makes it even more special, is the venue’s private  pier , where, if coming by a boat, you can dock just in front.

Being a day spent on beach with some tasty BBQ food, or cocktail in your hand, as the sun goes down..

Or choosing this place to say ” I do” and dancing the night away for your reception , you shall find a gem.

Well , I guess,  I cannot say a hidden one ..not anymore 🙂

For more info about this place and what can we plan , and we can plan a lot of unbelievable things!  you can send me an email to

dubrovnik wedding planner

Much love from me,


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