Emilia & Marko Wedding at Villa Ruza

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Amber & Michael Wedding in Dubrovnik
August 16, 2015
Dubrovnik Weddings
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January 27, 2016

Here is another special story I would like to share with you!

Emilia and Marko contacted me from the UK, as they wanted to have a wedding on the island of Korcula. However,  due to logistical circumstances, they have dropped from the idea and decided to get married in Dubrovnik.

They were not sure if we will be able to find the venue that might look or feel like the one they had in mind on the island of Korcula, until we offered them Villa Ruza restaurant. It was a love at first site and they confirmed immediately, wanting to have both ceremony and wedding reception on the island.

Dubrovnik Weddings

Sailing away toward the island of Kolocep

At the ceremony, which was taking place at the small terrace of the Villa Ruza restaurant, the moment that touched everyone,was not only when they saw Emilia approaching, but when Emilia decided to read a wedding vow. Considering that the groom, Marko was originally from Croatia, Emilia wanted to read a poem, written by a famous Croatian writer, Vesna Parun. The poem she read and  read very good, considering that she does not speak Croatian,  created emotions that left everyone speechless with a tear in their eyes. Including me.





Here is my brave:) English translation of the poem:

He is a river, I am the sea
His unrest makes the water quick
it divides the grass,  and I listen
To strong sound in the river course
Breaking through the deep canyon
With a force that makes me tender.
I am the inpatient sea. He is a river.
His boats are not my boats,
His birds are not my birds,
But to his boats, I am the anchor
Where it is allowed to sit by the fire
And smile to a story
By which valour is being forgotten.
To his birds, I am a cliff
Which hides them to a safe place
Thinking that it keeps them away from the ocean.
The river reaches the sea, I am the sea.
My shores become his shores, 
My storms become his highlight,
My infinity becomes his peace.


After they said I do, we arranged an amazing photo session during the sunset and The reception lasted until late hours..











Drinks, fun, laughter, happiness, Love.

The River and the Sea became one.
All photos courtesy of Marko Marinkovic

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