Emily & Mike

Dubrovnik Weddings
Emilia & Marko Wedding at Villa Ruza
January 11, 2016
Weddings in Dubrovnik
Sarah & Dylan’s Dubrovnik Wedding
March 30, 2016

Meet Emily & Mike!

Dubrovnik Weddings

A couple who are huge fans of the Game of Thrones show!

You can tell that by a fact , that they have decided to fly over from States in order to make their wedding photos in Dubrovnik, including the locations where the actual filming was taking place. Now I call that being a true and a dedicated fan!

Dubrovnik Weddings

They have not missed not one show and as a matter a fact, they knew everything about the town! I was simply amazed by their passion for Dubrovnik!








Pretty much whoever has watched the Game of Thrones, knows that Dubrovnik was big in the King’s landing. Today,  once you visit Dubrovnik, you can book a Game of Thrones tour and be guided around the locations. And yes, we have, amongst other services, booked the tour for Emily and Mike as well! The feelings were ecstatic! Hope you will enjoy some of the beautiful photos we have made on that day..

Lots of love xo



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