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Dubrovnik weddings
Wedding in Dubrovnik at the Sponza Palace & Neptun hotel
April 12, 2015
Weddings in Dubrovnik

Sharon & Peter

Getting married at a town and walking down the locations were the world famous  Game of Thrones  TV series are shooting their episodes ,  and for years now!  Sounds amazing, right? Here is a inside  story of our Dubrovnik wedding with a touch of a Game of Thrones style! We all know that HBO series,  Game of Thrones, created by the author George R. R. Martin,  has become for the last years, a phenomenon that has drawn many into the beauty and passion of the imaginary world of Westeros. The tale, which often is known for its violent scenes, also gives an insight of the world were kings and queens do live up their roles and still have that romantic moments, which  can be a great visual inspiration for the real themed weddings.   The couple who came to us with a request for a themed wedding , Sharon & Peter  were beyond enthusiastic and excited when they decided that they will get married in Dubrovnik.

weddings in Dubrovnik

The original Game of Thrones decor by D’Inspiration event & wedding planner

Weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Weddings

They wanted to organise   a wedding with  touches of Game of Thrones theme,  being huge fans of the TV series. We took the planning step by step, by finding the perfect venue ( among many stunning ones which can be found  in Dubrovnik)  for their I do part, then the reception venue, decor ideas, perfect colors ,flowers,  photographer…   Since the wedding took place in October, Sharon and Peter were a bit worried that the weather will not hold, however, practiced showed that weather in Dubrovnik during that month can be amazing as well, and it turned out to be exactly as we wanted! Perfect!  With the day before the wedding boat cruise with their friends, we were in full speed, in getting the decor bits ready!  The flags, the wedding signs, the Dragon ring box, the candles, the flowers, the cake! we were not only inspired by the Game of Thrones,  but by a great love that Sharon & Peter share for each other!

The couple had an idea to introduce their big love toward the series to all of their guests who attended, so  we made sure that everyone gets to know the venues were the actual shooting was taking place, and provided an opportunity for them to learn about the details and moments which  were not recorded on a camera, therefore we have engaged the local tour guide expert on the Game of Thrones.  Dubrovnik can offer so many exceptional wedding inspirations, like the Game of Thrones themed one!   Are you a fan too?? Looking forward in hearing from you then!      As many brides asked us, we thought of sharing the locations  on which the Game of Thrones  shooting took place! The second season, shooting of the Southern scenes  took place  at the town of  Dubrovnik , the city walls of Dubrovnik and fort of Lovrijenac,  which were used for the King’s Landing and Red Keep.   St. Dominic monastery located on the island of Lokrum, an island located just in front  of the old town of Dubrovnik was also used for some scenes. The Rector’s Palace  in Dubrovnik and 15 minute drive away from Dubrovnik, location called  Dubac were used for scenes set in Qarth. The third season,  production used a new  location, 15 minute drive away from Dubrovnik, venue called  Trsteno Arboretum. It is the actual garden the Tyrells use in King’s Landing.  The Game of Thrones are coming back to us, once again!?

Weddings in Dubrovnik

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