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dubrovnik wedding
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December 20, 2016
Dubrovnik Weddings
October Wedding in Dubrovnik
March 5, 2017
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# J&JWedding

Dubrovnik wedding

A concern that every couple encounters when planning a Wedding abroad, is a fact that they are handing over the planning of one the most important days in their lives, to a person they do not even know.

So,  one thing that I say, before we even start planning, is that I fully understand their unsecure emotions. Therefore we try to bond as much as we can from the day 1. In order for them to feel as comfortable as possible on the Big day.

…I got a phone from Dubai, from a couple who was planning their wedding in Croatia. I was interviewed among many other wedding planners and I was waiting for them to reach a decision who they will engage.
When I got a call back, they have told me that the click emotion happened for them and we were 100 % the right ones. This was really exciting for me , because I have felt the same way! You know when you talk to people like once… and it feels just right? This is the feeling I am talking about! This feeling is extremely important,  as building a relationship with your Wedding planner is important part in making your Wedding vision alive.

J&J villa ruza wedding

Jaqui & James flew in sometime when weather was changing and Dubrovnik was not as busy, sunny nor all pretty looking. But sometimes seeing the venues in these conditions helps, as it triggers your imagination on what they might look like in their best version. * Which we had on their Wedding day :)When we first met, it felt like we’ve know each other for a lifetime already! We were talking about so many different things, Dubrovnik, families, culture, we were eating ice cream down the Stradun street and were planning the Wedding at the same time 🙂 I took them around Dubrovnik and was looking at their reaction on the venues that I was showing. What is interesting, is that you instantly see and feel when a venue is the right one , as couples do not even have to say that, it is the facial and body expression that tells you how they feel about it.


Jaqui & James, have chosen Sponza palace, as for them, it definitely was the right ONE for the ceremony, while they wanted a relaxed reception, at the well known Villa Ruza restaurant which is located on the island of Kolocep.

Dubrovnik wedding

Their wedding took place on a beautiful sunny summer day, on August 5th 2016. With 90 guests from all around the world, who joined to celebrate this magnificent day.


I cannot describe the emotions I had as a Wedding planner, who was given a privilege to participate within the ceremony itself. While I was doing a reading,  I was looking at the guests and how peacefully they were sitting, listening to each and every single word that was read.
I saw happiness and smiles they shared for this couple.


I saw happy tears.

Sponza wedding


I saw love.

Sponza Dubrovnik wedding….I saw pride.

Sponza wedding


After the ceremony, the couple had a photo session around the old town, when we all headed toward the old port of Dubrovnik for a boat ride that took us to the reception venue.

Dubrovnik wedding


Having a boat ride is always fun, as not too many people get to see Dubrovnik from the seaside, so excitement especially from the younger crew is always a highlight!

Karaka wedding Dubrovnik
We have had one of the youngest as a Captain, who was making sure that we reach the destination, regardless the little pirates who have tried to take over the ship!


Karaka boat wedding Dubrovnik

karaka boat dubrovnik

Island of Kolocep Villa Ruza boat

Kolocep villa ruza wedding

I believe that both Jaqui & James were beyond happy when they saw the live band who greeted them upon their entrance to the venue.

children wedding Dubrovnik

Villa Ruza Dubrovnik

wedding seating plan villa ruza

Emotional Speeches, first dance, a bundle of positive emotions & joy..
hashtag wedding dubrovnik

Villa Ruza reception Dubrovnik

Villa Ruza reception Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik villa ruza reception

Wedding cake Villa Ruza

first dance villa ruza

Villa Ruza wedding party

Being behind them all and looking at the bride and groom and how the positive vibe is all around, felt like we were in a balloon of happiness, harmony and love …

villa ruza dubrovnik

During the winter time I tend to look at the Wedding photos… and it all comes back.
I have never really doubted what I wanted to do in life.
Sounds like a phrase… but for me Wedding planning, actually is a way of life… no better way, then this one, seeing other people having so much Love for each other and being part of that joyful moment of their unity.

Guess My team’s: cello player, two videographers,and my facial expression,  can describe best on how it feels…as many times, a smile… tells you all.

Sponza wedding Dubrovnik

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  1. Angela Curia says:


    We are planning a destination wedding for next year (1.July) and have fallen in love with the pictures of Dubrovnik. We are a couple who will be celebrating their ten year anniversary as well as their wedding and want a rather intimate wedding (20-30 people at the most). First a symbolic ceremony at the Sponza palace (or maybe Villa Sheherezade), maybe a quick trip on the Karaka boat, then dinner near the water in a place such as hotel Argentina. I was wondering whether you could send me an offer for that?

    Kind regards,
    Angela Curia

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