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May 23, 2016
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December 20, 2016

When you hear a word – magical wedding, what comes to your mind? … decor, certainly can make the ambience look that way, however…

Let me share a story that of Averil & Brenden, the couple who contacted us from Australia. Brenden was in Croatia before, so he knew what he can expect, however, Averil has  placed her trust into us,  as her wedding planner, to help and assist to visualise,  on how things actually were and can be arranged…as you might know, planning a wedding,  from as far as Australia, many times  can be a real challenge! But when you plan with Love.. no distance is an obstacle!

The wedding day was covered with sun. It was a warm May this year.. everything in blossom.. Not too hot and not too warm..Averil was getting ready at the hotel Grand villa Argentina, as that is where the ceremony took place, at 2 50 pm, everyone took their place at the green lawn.. they were expecting The bride..










Dubrovnik has fulfilled their expectations, I have heard them saying,  it is far more nicer then on photos…

Dubrovnik ‘s region and the entire Dalmatian coast  is rich with olive trees , Averil’s choice of decor was exactly olive tree related..It was a great symbolic touch as well,  as the olive tree resembles purity, strength, endurance.

When you hear a word – magical wedding, what comes to your  mind? The Venue and decor, certainly can make the ambience look that way, however…it is you who are making  your wedding. Magical…and decor, decor§ is simply a  ~spark !


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