My Dubrovnik Wedding

March 28, 2020
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May 17, 2020
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My Dubrovnik Wedding


Lucky Number 13.

my dubrovnik wedding
Dubrovnik/ All photos in this blog, all rights reserved Marko Marinkovic

Parents, siblings, witnesses and a friend photographer who captured it all. I would add two more babies, under 1,  but 13 is the number of adult guests who were present at my Wedding.

I would call it, an utterly small, intimate, romantic affair.

Although being asked if I will blog about my own Wedding before, I believe that there was no better time to write about it, then now.! These challenging times and travel restrictions we are exposed to at the moment, have made us reflect upon the small Wedding styles, and those in particular, if and when planning a Wedding abroad!   Small party does not have to mean, no party at all, but on contrary, it can be a great holiday week/ weekend,  with a Wedding event celebrated with your closest family members and / or friends!

This is a story of exactly that, a small Wedding that took place last May!

I believe that that was one of the worst moths of May , we have experienced since I stared the Wedding planning, 9 years ago ! Only five sunny days, from which we have been blessed by, two! Talking about being a lucky Wedding planner and a Bride on the day!

Getting ready was planned at the Ana’s saloon with my maid of honour, Marina and closest family members. Ana, the owner of Ana’s saloon , opened a bubbly, as she always does, as we were getting our hair and make up done. It was really a strange moment,  when I saw my mom all teary looking at me.. I believe that it was only then, that I  have became aware of the fact that it was my Wedding taking place.   

Villa Agave

Villa Agave, Dubrovnik

From all the venues in Dubrovnik, we have chosen our Wedding reception to take place at the Villa Agave, a contemporary cliff settled villa , which overlooks the island of Lokrum and old town of Dubrovnik. Surrounded by glorious gardens leading to a secluded beach this villa was not only Ideal for our guests number, but just the thought of it, simply matched the overall vision I have had …long table set up on a private terrace, old town view, sound of the waves crashing onto the cliffs below.. Beyond of an Dreamy looking setting! This classic Mediterranean summer house on the outside, has an amazing interior with three beautiful, airy bedrooms, timber ceiling-beams and classy furniture pieces!

Villa Agave was and felt our Home for the Wedding.

There, after saloon, I met my future husband and best man, and unlike many couples, we had a coffee together,  before I went to dress up! I was able to see how the reception table was getting all dolled up.!  

Being a detail oriented person, table decor was something that I wanted to be perfect. I love small things that make a big difference,  love all kinds of flowers but peony and roses are my favourite. Those and other small, garden style, picked flowers, have been used in all of our flower decorations. I have placed all the trust into my dear local colleague Ivana , from Le_saloon to decorate the venues. She,  of course, justified my expectations.

Window view Villa Agave, Dubrovnik

Drinks before the Wedding ceremony for the family, my dear friends and groom, was arranged at the La Bodega bar located centrally inside of the old town, as the St. Ignatius Church, Church that we have chosen to get married at, was walking distance from the bar. Although big and spacious, considering the number of guests we have had,  for us, it was the right and  a perfect choice.  Being magnificent itself, Church needed just a dash of our personal signatures: Fresh flowers in tube vases on sides, some altar flowers, with one small bench,  for the two of us, instead of two separate chairs …was exactly how I imagined it. Our best man and maid of honour were just next to us,  as they have been ever since we known them.

After an emotional mass,  who was performed by our local priest , don Marin, congratulations took place inside of the Church and our photographer friend , Marko Marinkovic, took us through the old town for some private session. I knew that Marko, knowing me, and the style of photos I preferred, would cover everything perfectly. Thankfully, at the time, the old town was not too busy and Marko pinpointed a house where we have had some nice private photos taken.

We have continued the photo session at the Villa Sheherezde , which would have been our venue choice , if we have had a bigger size Wedding . Villa Sheherzade has been a love of mine and absolute number one Wedding venue, ever since I have worked at the hotel Grand villa Argentina as a Guest relation Manager and Assistant Manager to Villa Sheherezade in 2000s. Its cascading gardens, side forts and its timeless beauty, make this venue an extraordinary photo mecca.

But again, which venue in Dubrovnik is not perfect for pictures to be taken?!

Once we have arrived to Villa Agave, we have had welcome drinks by the pool which followed by a dinner reception. I truly loved everything about our reception..  Not only we have had an amazing dinner,  created by a genius  chef ,  Petar Obad resident to Hotel Excelsior …. But The overall time we have spent there , felt simply Magical.

The atmosphere felt home like, where my dad played a guitar, we eat and we sang along.  So… we sang, we ate, we also cut the cake! An amazing nougat taste one, made by my dear colleague Lucija from Mala truba pastry shop. ! We have also opened small gifts. The most adorable hand made coffee cups, made by Marinski heartmades. Some espresso , some macchiato,  for our family and friends to have and remember us,  whenever they would have that favourite drink of ours! Our first dance made everyone else dance and we have had a dash of sparkler magic..and I, was surprised,  by fireworks!

The morning after, breakfast with coffee and that view, felt.. Priceless.

May 11th 2019 was Simple, Elegant and Romantic ..and as for number 13 and guests number, fear not. I can confirm that it is a Lucky number!

.. Reminiscing my Wedding today, one year after, my conclusion on what matters the most for your Wedding day? What matters the most, is what makes you Happy. Listen to you heart and by all means! and do not question it! as IT knows, what it the right Wedding story for you, and what you need to do, is simply, follow it…

If you felt inspired and would like to explore an possibility of having a small Wedding abroad, Contact us at ! …We just might know the right place for you!

In my next week post, I will reflect one thing that, although being a Wedding planner, I have made a mistake with!  So stay tuned, as you might get a good tip on what to avoid!T

Wedding Team

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Bridal dress @Berta

Groom attire @ https://www.martin-ar

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Flowers, décor and rental @

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