October Wedding in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik wedding
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February 14, 2017
The Beach Wedding & Reception at Copacabana beach
November 8, 2017

October Wedding in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Weddings

Villa Sherezada wedding, Dubrovnik Croatia

As we have received many inquiries for October, I really got inspired to write a Blog about the October Weddings. The weather is always  most common and the most important question. Will it be good then?

I guess the best way to show you if Wedding in October would be a good idea, is by providing a living proof of these two beautiful people who we have planned the Wedding for,  on October 25th 2016.

Meet our georgeous Jenna & Richard,  who were enthusiastic to book the Wedding late as that,  and what matters the most,  is that  they did not regret it at all , as it was a proper fairy tale.

Jenna & Richard

Ok , I have to be honest and say,  that the weather was not as it was July or August, was not as hot! Which some people actually love , was just a bit wet, there was sunshine, a bit of wind.. and all of this was happening during the 15 days prior the Wedding date itself. But! on the actual Wedding day, the weather conditions were, noting less then perfect.

Jenna & Richard’s idea was to spend 15 days in Dubrovnik with their family and friends, to sightsee more of Dubrovnik, have parties, pre wedding get together dinners…and to get married 🙂  And the fact that they were all staying at one hotel, gave them a feeling as Dubrovnik was their home for that period of time. During all these days, the weather was still warm enough to wear short sleeves and to go for a swim! Richard was especially ecstatic about it, as he had the lovely running paths to cover, sea to swim in… Dubrovnik ticked all the boxes required by a triathlon fan!

Bridal flowers

Their  Wedding  & reception venue was at a private villa. The Villa Sherezada with its amazing setting, stole their hearts,  so they have chosen a small gazebo within the Gardens for the ceremony  and Villa’s,  palm tree garden,  for the reception. 

Villa Sherezada Dubrovnik

Villa Sherezada, Dubrovnik

How to describe a ceremony at  the Villa Sherezada? Not sure that there are words adequate enough to describe the privacy , the architecture,  the nature, the sea,  the view. I guess, this is a part where usually photos, unless you are actually there, can tell  a story better then anything else.

Villa Sherezada Wedding ceremony location

Villa Sherezada Dubrovnik, The ceremony

The Wedding vows, Dubrovnik Wedding

Villa Sherezada Wedding, Dubrovnik,Croatia


Post ceremony drink Villa Seherezada, Dubrovnik

Villa Sherezada garden

We wanted to do something special, as both Jenna & Richard love balloons!

Just married, Dubrovnik

So after the post ceremony drinks at the Villa’s garden , we arranged a bunch of red helium balloons to wait for us a the main street in old town. Just as we entered, all the guests had to tie their personal message  they wrote to the couple, on a balloon string,  not knowing where we shall go to release them. So we walked across the old town.. with people looking with a great interest! We took the guests to the peak of the old port of Dubrovnik, where it is clear enough, and where  from the view toward the old town is nicest.

Bride & Groom Dubrovnik Wedding

Old town Dubrovnik, Zvonik

The balloons, Dubrovnik Wedding

The balloon walk, Dubrovnik wedding

Pier at the old town of Dubrovnik, Porporela


Looking back, there is a very nice Symbolic meaning of this moment; the pier is the entrance to the old city port of Dubrovnik, and Jenna & Richard, just “sailed” into their new life together… into their own personal port, so this made,  Porporela, a perfect choice. The balloons went high up, lifting the good wishes and vibes for these two. Walking inside the City Walls is like walking through history, you get that special feeling like entering the Colosseum in Rome.

Wedding reception at Sherezada , upon our return, was continued in an laid back atmosphere, just as Jenna & Richard are as people. Relaxed, simple, happy. And In Love. Is that what matters the most? Love. Regardless the weather, It is you  as a couples,  who makes that day special, it is the people who are with you, that make that day special.

Dubrovnik wedding

Villa Sherezada, Palm tree terrace reception, Dubrovnik

But if you would like to be certain , weather wise…

Within 5 years of our Wedding planning, only one back up option was used. So looking at the statics, be positive and do not trust them…Thus, it seems that we have some kind of a lucky charm, so if you are looking into booking the October Wedding, try with us.

So far, it worked very well 😉


** all photos courtesy of DTstudio team,  who have beautifully captured these special moments.

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