Wedding in Dubrovnik at the Sponza Palace & Neptun hotel

Dubrovnik Weddings
Game of Thrones themed wedding
April 11, 2015
Dubrovnik Weddings
Sponza & Villa Ruza wedding in Dubrovnik
April 13, 2015

I remember when Jade & Paul arrived to Dubrovnik, it was a few days before their wedding. As the weather was changing a lot, I saw the worried look  in her eyes, as she was waiting for the confirmation from me to  say everything will be ok. If only I had the  magic remote control… but, unfortunately, no one can control the weather.

Dubrovnik Weddings

We always have the back up plan ready for any possible and unpredicted situation, but being fully aware that every bride wants the original plan,  hence the one which was  arranged a year ahead, the original plan, as always! was our goal. As my team and I were constantly following the hourly weather forecast and with an assistance of our storm chaser friend, we saw that the weather will get better, although it still did not look so to Jade!

As morning of the wedding day arrived, the clouds have cleared away. Jade did her make up and hair at our professional hair and make up studio, and the fact that the make up artist  was hired as  a member of the Game of Thrones crew, and have worked with the actors, made Jade very happy, as she is,  as many other brides, a huge fan of the HBO series.

Weddings in Dubrovnik

As the day was unfolding, the big moment came and the ceremony took place at the Sponza Palace, located at the very heart of Dubrovnik. Both Jade & Paul with all their guests were thrilled, once seeing the set up we have worked on,  which  at that point, was  the original idea,   no one has used for the Sponza Palace before!


Weddings in Dubrovnik


After the ceremony,  as the couple has some pictures taken at the old town, together with the guests,   took the boat ride from the old port of Dubrovnik toward the Hotel Neptun were the reception was taking place.

Dubrovnik weddings

Weddings in Dubrovnik

The view from the terrace was stunning and the sunset spectacular, so at the end,  there was no fear, as hey! we were in Dubrovnik, and somehow things here are magical and very much inspirational …❤

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