Wedding Shoes

My Dubrovnik Wedding
May 11, 2020
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Wedding Shoes

Shoes,  shoes,  shoes….And more shoes.

I believe that every single woman out there, has a need  of buying new shoes, regardless of how many of them are in the closet! We, somehow,  always find and make an excuse to buy new ones!

One style of shoes I wanted to write about in particular, are the Wedding shoes! In my previous blog, I have written about my Wedding in Dubrovnik, s:// and if you had an opportunity to read it, hope that blog was inspirational and useful!

There, I have also mentioned that I will , in my next blog, write about one thing that , although being a Wedding planner, I have made a mistake with.

So, guessing that you know what I m talking about, yes! The Wedding shoes !

Ohhhh, there are so many different ones out there! Amazing looking and amazing choices!

When looking for a Wedding gown, you usually are suggested to try it out with some shop shoes, so once purchasing or renting the Wedding gown, the quest for the right shoes, begins! It takes time to find the perfect fit ..but We all know that what matters the most, is the comfort a shoe has! Also, it  needs to be in a style of your Wedding gown, or at least similar to the style!

What happened on my Wedding.. I was happy with my Wedding shoes, their looks,  at least. 

Wedding Shoes

They matched the style of my Wedding gown, they were reasonable price wise, but God , oh God they were uncomfortable. But Not at first! And that! was my BIG mistake!

When buying Wedding shoes, a  piece of advice  that I would give  to every single Bride out there: once purchasing /renting out the shoes,  make sure to wear them at home for couple of days, even a week! While cooking, while cleaning, while whatever!  Just make sure to wear them long enough, that they get comfortable and that your feet gets used to the shoe shape.

I have physically felt the big mistake, when we were having a photo session around the old town! By the time we got to the reception, I had to take the Wedding shoes off.  And as for all those times, I have told our Brides to have a double set of shoes for the photo sessions; I have made a mistake in not having those. !

When and if having a Wedding abroad , like in Dubrovnik where there are a lot of steps, or steep areas,  make sure to have two sets of shoes. One that you shall look pretty in! and second, preferably flat ones!  to walk from venue to venue for the photo sessions, where you shall put those first, glam ones, on !  

Keep in mind.. Comfy shoes will help for you to be able to dance the night away!

More  on the photo session venues in Dubrovnik, I will write in my next week’s  blog! So Stay tuned, stay safe!

Lots of love, x

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