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August 30, 2016
Dubrovnik wedding
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February 14, 2017
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Welcome to dubrovnikweddinginspiration.com

dubrovnik wedding

Now that the wedding season 2016 . has finished and we are nearly in 2017! it is with big nostalgia that I `look at all the photos of beautiful Weddings we have been a part of !

Time goes by really quickly., but fortunately enough, all the stunning moments, all the emotions, details , were captured by a photographer or for some who have decided to have a videographer as well, a video, through which they can travel in time and experience those live captured moments, many times..

2016. Overall has been a truly wonderful year ! Blessed with amazing people who we bonded with and will keep in touch for sure! I will be blogging about them and will make sure that you meet and see them as well!

We are really excited that we are ending the 2016. With another great success, our brand new web site, on which I have been working with my team, my family.

So we wish you a warm welcome to our new web site! www.dubrovnikweddinginspiration.com

which we hope you will like and find easy to use! I am pretty sure that you will notice a different kind of menu options, we have chosen…

Personal ..service.. create.. fairy tale ..story., Is what we are about.

There are few very intimate moments in life , one of which is a Wedding. A moment where a personal dedication is needed and required in order to create and provide an experience you have imagined.

With a lot of images on our new web , we have tried to provide a visual so you can see what are some of the things that we can do for you.. Although, and I have to be really honest, choosing the photos, was a really difficult task, as there are so many amazing couples & moments, that we unfortunately, couldn’t use them all or place online when we were creating. . But! will shall share them through our Blog posts! So make sure to stay tuned!

Once seeing these photos,we hope that they will inspire you  to get married in Dubrovnik..and give us your trust in making your wedding, a fairy tale like! 🙂

Finally, my family and me would like to wish you a wonderful, cheerful, love filled holiday time! May the new year be a prosperous and happy one, to you all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017.!

Much love,

Marcela, Karmela & Maro 


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