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Sponza & Villa Ruza wedding in Dubrovnik
April 13, 2015
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August 11, 2015

We often get a question on happens to all the flowers and décor that the wedding party leaves behind, do we throw it away, or food? What happens to it? What about the Cake?!?

Since most of our couples book their wedding and holiday at the same time, they tend to stay in Dubrovnik for few extra days after the event. Once the wedding is over, we tend to send as many flowers  into the couple’s room,  so they can enjoy the floral décor until the end of they stay.

Food is often being eaten, as our brides are very cautious and during our planning period, we tend to book the exact number of meals, if some extra just to be on a safe side, but our top priority is that no food is being thrown away.

If there is some cake left, we make sure it is delivered to the bride and groom, and their family members, so they can enjoy a day after the wedding, in their sweet dessert.

As we are trying to be very cautious once ordering food we also thing about other items and what can be done with them once the party is over.


Weddings in Dubrovnik

Therefore, we were very excited, when our bride, Romy approached with a very nice and environmentally cautious idea. Having a vision of a rustic shabby chick type of reception, we have arranged a catering company to deliver the food, which was served on the bio degradable plates and specially designed biodegradable utensils.

Romy was always, as she says,  bonded with the nature and was assisting in different  environmental project, so this idea was not a surprise for us!


Weddings in Dubrovnik

Romy & Miho’s wedding took place in this May 2015.   just outside of the city walls, overlooking the old port. Although living here, it is always a stunning view, especially when you have two people who love each other so dearly, exchanging their vows  at such an amazing place.

The party and reception was organised just close by from the ceremony venue, at Lazareti, which as many other venues in Dubrovnik, have an amazing history and space. Everything fitted in perfectly, the sun was out, guests had fun and  style and décor, was very natural, just Romy wanted! <3

Weddings in Dubrovnik


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